Visa services

Visa services

Hung Vuong International Tourism Joint Stock Company commits to the highest visa approval rate, most dedication and on-time delivery of Visas to customers. To have a perfect visa application with a high pass rate, let's learn through the article below!

What does a visa application include?

Whether applying for a tourist visa, family visit, or business visa, you must ensure your application has the following documents:

- Profile:

1. Signed passport (valid for at least 06 months) and has a blank visa page.

2. 02 international standard 4x6 photos (photos taken no more than 6 months ago, bare head, white shirt, white background)

3. Visa application (form 48R) is completely filled out and signed for confirmation (the signature on the application form must match the signature on the passport)

4. Notarized copy of all pages of the current household registration book with the visa applicant's name

5. Notarized copy of Birth Certificate

6. Original curriculum vitae certified by the local government where the visa applicant is registered to live (Translated into English)

7. Proof of single/married/divorced status

8. Detailed declaration of family history

- Financial records:

1. Notarized copy of personal account for the last 3 months

2. Confirmation of account balance with minimum value of 5,000 - 7,000 USD

3. Other financial documents (real estate books, vehicles,...)

- Job profiles

+ Visa processing for administrative and non-business sectors:

1. Recruitment decision or appointment decision (in case of holding a position)

2. Application for leave to travel (Original Vietnamese and notarized translation into English - Or do it in English)

3. Work confirmation letter.

+ Visa processing for businesses managed by the State:

1. Recruitment decision, or appointment decision, or labor contract

2. Establishment license or Business Registration certificate of the Company where you work

3. Work confirmation letter.

+ Visa for limited company:

1. In case you are the person whose name is on the Business Registration Certificate, you only need to submit the Business Registration Certificate + the most recent 3 months of tax payment receipts.

2. In case you are an employee: labor contract, work confirmation and business registration of the company where you are working.

3. In case of retirees: Retirement decision or pension book

Please note: If underage children (<18 years old) are traveling together – authorization from both parents must be submitted, signatures of both parents must be confirmed by local authorities

Things to note when asking for visa services

- If you are working, you must have confirmation of participation in social insurance with confirmation from the social insurance agency where you are registering (according to the form guided by the tourist visa service).

- Documents must have originals for comparison.

- The visa applicant must be present according to the instructions of the tourist visa service

Please note: If you frequently go abroad for different purposes, you need to choose: Tourist visa, business visa, family visit visa,... accordingly.

Visa service of Hung Vuong International Tourism Joint Stock Company

- The system receives confidential records, all personal information of customers is stored safely.

- Vietnam Travel switchboard system operates 24/7 to provide free consultation on visa information for countries around the world.

- The process of consulting, receiving, completing and submitting applications is quick and clear.

- Complete the application, always ensuring the highest visa approval rate.

- Travel Vietnam's tourist visa service is a reputable - quality - fast package with many years of experience.

Please note: Visa costs at Hung Vuong Tour will be higher than those directly at the embassy, because we are committed to providing additional values to customers that are not only stated on the main website Embassy information, including: consulting services on visa application conditions, visa application procedures, visa delivery services to your home and other visa-related services.

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